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vCard Mobile Mobile Marketing
Once you get your own Vcard Site, you will soon discover the benefits it has to offer as you become familiar with mobile marketing strategies such as SMS and targeting mobile advertising. Implementing either of these two strategies will dramatically lower your marketing cost by decreasing the need to print flyers and paper business cards.

One way to use mobile advertising is with Facebook by simply adding the link to your vCard Site within your posting. However, to gain precise control over the targeting of your message, you can use Facebook ads to target just the mobile devices your ideal prospect in your local area. If done correctly, this could be done for $20 – $30 over a period of 72 hours and potentially result in 10 times the prospects, leads or customers than with flyers for same cost when compared with traditional forms of print advertising which take at least a week or more to implement. Traditional forms of advertising can generally cost 10 times what you would spend with a mobile optimized Facebook campaign. Another advantage of mobile ads campaign is that it’s the performance can be tracked and optimized whereas most traditional forms of advertising are not easily tracked.

Besides the professional image and branding a vCard Site has to offer your business, it also enables distribution for pennies on the dollar as it can be shared online and via SMS. This is because you’re sharing a simple link (URL) whether through social media posts, email newsletters, forums, free ad sites or advertising in general, SMS text messaging, QR codes, links on websites or within articles and blog posts. There is no need to download anything from an app store because the vCard Site is not a mobile app. Check out the Demo vCard Site

Imagine that you’ve met a new prospective client at an event and get to exchanging business cards. But instead of pulling out a paper card from your pocket, which may not even be there if by chance you forgot to bring one along. What if, instead, you pull out your phone and ask for your newly found prospect for their mobile phone number, and say “I’ll text you my business card so you can save it on your phone”. Most people will gladly give you their phone number if they are truly interested in your product or service. You text them your unique branded URL (link) and once they get the text message, you can casually guide them to open your business card immediately and view it in their phone’s browser where you can then place it on the home screen of their phone as clickable app icon.

What better place is do you know of than to put your business card on the home screen of their phone? Your business card is now part of something they never leave home without and in a place where they can see it whenever they look at their phone! And you’re confident because your business card is now on the most valuable advertising real estate you can put it on – their phone’s homescreen. For this reason, it’s not only better for you, it’s best for your prospect because the last thing they need is another business card to keep track of and since they are genuinely interested in your business, they will probably like the idea that it’s somewhere they will not lose it.

Cisco predicts that by 2020, there will be 1.5 mobile devices for every human on the planet, according their updated Visual Networking Index. And according to eMarketer, advertsing revenue is shifting away dramatically from desktop ads to mobile ads. In 2015 mobile advertising revenue increased by 50% and accounted for about 50% of all digital advertising spend and is projected to increase to 72% of all digital advertising.

So why not get in early and get a head start over your competition while the field is still open and be the first to take advantage of the mobile marketing boom. It’s not a question if whether mobile marketing will prove itself to be one of the most effective forms of marketing, it’s a question of when you will start taking advantage of it because it’s here now and will only continue to dominate the way we market ourselves.

Getting an edge in mobile marketing will give you the insight and mindset needed to start envisioning your marketing strategies in ways that take advantage of mobile advertising and how they can be incorporated into traditional advertising. This mindset will ensure that your business benefits before your competion because you will get in before mobile advertising becomes the mainstream thing to do. For most small business owners that have not utilzed mobile marketing strategies, the vCard Site serves as an practical low cost entry point into the arena of mobile marketing because it serves as the portal to all other marketing channels available such as social media, email marketing and SMS.

vCard Mobile Mobile Marketing

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