What is a vCard Site?

vCard Site
The Vcard Site is a digital business card giving you an improved way to share your business and contact information with new prospects, customers or clients and re-market to them all from the convenience of your mobile device, laptop or tablet. Comprising of a Progressive Mobile App (PWA) acting as digital portal designed for business professionals, the VCard Site is perfect for today’s mobile-social lifestyle by taking full advantage of smart phone usage and social media activity. The VCard Site consolidates and automates the activities of prospecting, followup and re-marketing. Here are some of the key benefits:

1) A mobile PWA portal to easily consolidate your most relevant online activities.

2) A simple URL (LINK) that can easily be remembered and shared via texting, email or social media.

3) A mobile app-icon to maximize branding that can easily be added to your prospect’s phone-homescreen.

4) A lead capture form to easily build a contact database (customer list).

5) A re-marketing system to easily send out announcements or promotions via text or email.

The VCard Site includes a content management system (CMS) with an easy-to-use interface for updating photos, page and post content. Easily change your photo or logo, links to your social media, calendar appointments and reminders. Each paid plan includes up to 7-done-for-you (DFY) editable pages with a QR code for each page, and a blog. The concept is better than the Hcard which is a vCard microformat intended for publishing simple contact information such as “Name” , Company or Organization Name”or “Place” in HTML browsers for search engines to index. Because traditional vCards do not display in web browsers and HCards are limited to the mico-data, we found them both limiting for the web and mobile application benefits. The vCard Site offers a better overall solution going beyond micro-data and allowing viewable content for the web. It displays perfectly in any browser enabled mobile device or desktop computer and is easily shared from phone to phone with a QR Code SMS, email or social media and takes advantage of smart phone capabilities such as calling, emailing, SMS and push notifications.

Unlike other mobile business cards on the market, the vCard Site offers much more. One of the main benefits is that it takes advantage of sub-domain branding for your business by placing your name or business name prominantly in front of the URL in the format of: ” YourName.vcard.site ” so that your clients and customers see it. This sub-domain branding alone has better SEO credibility than the back-slash directory method used by the other guys which puts your name at the end of the URL after theirs in the format: ” TheirSite.com/YourName “ benefitting their brand and SEO and not the page owner. This translates into lower visibility for your branding and a decreased chance that Google or other search engines will index your page. In addition, your vCard Site sub-domain URL can also be masked with any domain name that you currently own or choose to use at any time with your vCard Site. This is not possible with the back-slash format provided by the other guys, which you will never be able to mask properly with your own domain.

Your URL can easily be distributed in a text or email message making it more practical and versitile than a traditional vCard/ HCard format. The vCard Site takes advantage of smart phone capabilities such as “Tap to Call” and “Tap to Email” buttons and QR code sharing is built directly into each page for convenience. The vCard Site’s QR code can also be printed on flyers and traditional business cards or any other print or advertising medium which enhances the effectiveness of those forms of advertising by making them interactive.

The vCard Site is a hybrid mbile application which combines the benefits of a native app and web app. It can easily be optimized for search engines and contains a vCard data file (vcf) for loading business contact information.

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