Benefits of the vCard Site

vCard Mobile Mobile Marketing
Besides using the vCard Site to effectively share your business information, it can also provide a better way for promoting flyers using the digital flyer publisher. With a Vcard Site paid plan, you can create unlimited promotional pages containing just about any content you choose including scanned images such as existing paper flyers or coupons. Once your new flyer page is created just grab the link and share it on any social media site or through email or text messaging. And if you’ve built an email list using the Vcard email capture form, you can easily send your new flyer promotion to your entire email list by just checking a box.

Email marketing combined with the digital flyer publisher can be a huge opportunity and help your business gain a competitive advantage in just about any market. This is mainly due to the fact that most businesses and entrepreneurs alike do not take full advantage of digital marketing.  The potential benefits are there but the concept is not taken very seriously. It is quite apparent that the majority of businesses still continue to use print methods as they have for generations which opens the door to less competition and an even better reason that now is the best time to take advantage and benefit the most from this email marketing strategy.

Like any great novel marketing concept, building customer database in the typical local business space remains unsaturated but affordable when compared with traditional forms of marketing such as business cards, flyers and news papers due to printing, paper and distribution cost.  Not only does the a vCard Site serve as a virtual online portal for all social media links and modes of contact such as call, text, email, brand enhancement but most importantly, the VCard Site captures leads, helping businesses to build a contact database automatically and it’s index-able by the search engines. This enables the vCard Site to be found when someone searches on Google or any search engine. This is like getting free global exposure without the high cost of placing an ad in a popular international publication.

Why Not Put All Your Social Media Channels Together
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