About Us

vCard Mobile Mobile Marketing
We are a group of highly motivated digital marketing entrepreneurs who recognize that mobile marketing is under utilized. This project enables us to help other entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed with mobile marketing while introducing ourselves to the local community. By offering the vCard Site as a way to compliment conventional paper business cards, we’re opening the door to an opportunity some businesses would probably not otherwise take full advantage of.

Of course we believe that traditional business cards still have their place when the need arrises to quickly hand someone a card. However, smart phones incorporate internet search, social media, SMS and email etc. This effectivly connects people in ways never before possible with a paper business card. So the question we pose is; why not take advantage of social media channels more effectively by placing them all into a personal portal that supplements your paper business card? By just implementing a live mobile web portal can effectively improve conversion rates and sales resulting in a true competitive advantage. A paper business card is limited all by its self, but by incorporating mobile marketing strategies, the business card can be extended into the digital world and that is what the vCard Site is all about.